The Muppet Show
Guest Rita Moreno
Production May 25-27, 1976
Premiere UK: September 12 1976
US: September 20, 1976
Releases Best of the Muppet Show
Season One



Backstage, Fozzie Bear answers the phone a lot. Throughout the episode, Rita parodies her combative image. She fights and battles with several Muppets, among others Animal, who's backing her on drums in her closing number, Fever.



  • In Rita's "Fever" number, she speaks to Animal for a moment in Spanish, saying, "Listen, buddy. All I wanna tell you is that you shouldn't do that. It's not nice, you understand? Look at me when I'm talking to you. This is my number, and if you bother me any more I'm gonna hit you so hard, it's gonna leave you stupid. Cool it."
  • This was the first episode broadcast in many US cities.
  • Miss Piggy is switched between Richard Hunt and Frank Oz again in this episode. She is performed by Richard for most of the episode, Frank taking her only for the Panel discussion.



Kermit the Frog, Miss Piggy, Fozzie Bear, Rowlf the Dog, Statler and Waldorf, The Newsman, The Swedish Chef, Sam the Eagle, Marvin Suggs, The Muppaphones, Rita's Dancing Partner, Zoot, Janice, Animal, George the Janitor, Mildred Huxtetter, Jim Henson Muppet, Jerry Nelson Muppet, Frank Oz Muppet, Brewster, Sweetums, Wayne, Pigs, Whatnot, Trumpet Girl

Background Muppets:

Brunette Woman, Floyd Pepper, Wanda, Muppy


Jim Henson as Kermit the Frog, Waldorf, Rowlf, The Swedish Chef, The Newsman, the Jim Henson Muppet, and some of the Muppaphones
Frank Oz as Fozzie Bear, Animal, Marvin Suggs, Sam the Eagle, the Frank Oz Muppet, George the Janitor, Mildred, Animal's Dancing Partner and Miss Piggy
Jerry Nelson as The Jerry Nelson Muppet, Pig Bartender, the Announcer, Whatnot, and some of the Muppaphones
Richard Hunt as Miss Piggy, Miss Piggy's Dancing Partner, Statler, Sweetums, and Wayne
Dave Goelz as Rita's Dancing Partner, Zoot and The Guru (Brewster)
Eren Ozker as Janice
John Lovelady as others


  • When aired on Nickelodeon, Rita's opening number is replaced with her closing number, "Fever." Subsequently, part of the first backstage scene is cut, as is the part of the last backstage scene where Kermit called Floyd and Animal on-stage for the closing number. The dancer from the opening number appears, though, as Rita reappears at the end.
  • When aired on CTS, the UK skit To Morrow is cut.


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