Songs from Sesamstraat
Released 1983
Format LP
Label WSP
Cat no. WSP 16022

'n Logeerpartijtje (Staying Over) features songs and sketches with Tommie and Ieniemienie, who stay over at Sien's house for the first time. Tommie is very excited, but Ienie is a little nervous. She brings seven suitcases along, to make Sien's house look more like her own house. During dinner, Tommie invents a system to hide the smacking sounds he makes. He sings about how his inventions help him understand the world around him. After a game of make believe, it's time to get ready to go to bed. Sien tells a story about a little girl taking care of an injured kitty and sings them a lullaby.

Tommie scares Ieniemienie by pretending he is a ghost, and Ienie tells him why she is so afraid of the dark. They decide to pretend they're ghosts and scare Sien. Tommie wakes up in the middle of the night and discovers he wet his bed, and Ieniemienie wakes up from a nightmare about a scary monster. Sien returns and comforts them. She tells one more bedtime story and sings a lullaby about Dreamland.

Track listing

Side One

  1. Song: Logeren (Staying Over)
  2. Sketch: De Smakverberger (The Smacking-Hider)
  3. Song: Er Zijn Heel Veel Dingen Die Ik Niet Begrijp (There Are Many Things I Don't Understand)
  4. Sketch: Nog Even Spelen (Playing for a Little While)
  5. Song: Vadertje en Moedertje (Playing Daddy and Mommy)
  6. Song: Tandenpoetsen, Wassen, Plassen (Brushing Your Teeth, Washing, Potty)
  7. Sketch: Verhaaltje Voor Het Slapen Gaan (Bedtime Story)
  8. Song: Slaapliedje (Lullaby)

Side Two

  1. Sketch: Ienie Hoort Iets (Ienie Hears Something)
  2. Song: Enge Dingen Lied (Scary Things Song)
  3. Sketch: Spookje Spelen (Playing Ghost)
  4. Song: Spoken Bestaan Niet (Ghosts Don't Exist)
  5. Song: In Bed Geplast (I Wet the Bed)
  6. Song: De Enge Droom (The Scary Dream)
  7. Sketch: Nog Eén Verhaaltje (One More Story)
  8. Song: Dromenland (Dreamland)
  9. Song: Slaapliedje (Lullaby)

Other releases

  • WSPC 16022 (WSP cassette)



Production Credits

  • Direction and written by Bert Plagman
  • Musical Direction by Ad Wammes
  • Produced for Vrido by Joop Raasveld

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