Release Date 2008
Produced by Ventura Entertainment
Format DVD
Discs 1
Region 1

¡A mi me gusta contar! is a Plaza Sésamo video released in 2008 that focuses on counting.


  • Hazlo Tu Mismo: Hide and Seek
  • Elmo counts 10 fingers.
  • Cartoon: Hortense beats 1 drum.
  • Cartoon: One ice skater.
  • Song: "Two, Me and You"
  • Cartoon: Two kids blow up a 2.
  • Animation: Three fish
  • The Rainbow Fish referees a race between 3 seahorses.
  • Animation: 4s fly by
  • Pancho sings a 50s rock song about counting to 4 ("Los Numeros").
  • Film: Four Chinese acrobats do stunts with giant spools.
  • Cartoon: Fives in space
  • The Rainbow Fish counts groups of 5 in the ocean.
  • Film: Six Wegman dogs
  • Lola displays 6 cats.
  • Film: Six kids dance in six blocks.
  • Number of the Day: The Count discovers the number of the day is 7.
  • Cartoon: Seven kids build a 7.
  • Modesto Microfono reports that the Barón Púrpura will make an 8 with his airplane.
  • Cartoon: Captain Spacey counts 8 planets.
  • The Count sings "Cloud Nine."
  • Cartoon: Nine bakers
  • Pancho hires a singer to sing at La Abuela's birthday, but the man "cuenta" (counts) instead of "canta" (sings).
  • 10 Faces (kids, Pancho, Lola, Abelardo, Multimuppets and a Multimonstruo)
  • Elmo and Zoe figure out how to draw a 10.
  • Cartoon: "Budgie #10 - Song"
  • Ten characters (all played by Adal Ramones) pile into an elevator.
  • Lola, Abelardo and Pancho play hide and seek, but Lola has a hard time counting.
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