Åsmund Huser (b. 1950) performs Bjarne Betjent on Sesam Stasjon, the Norwegian co-production of Sesame Street.

Huser is one of Norway's most pofilic puppeteers, having performed such characters as Tøfflus the talking slipper in the televized advent calendar Jul i Skomakergata ("Christmas in Shoemaker's Street"), two glove-like creatures called Smitt and Smule in the children's series 3-4-5 (which also featured Geir Børresen as Labbetuss the sheepdog) and Raffen the giraffe in the children's series Portveien 2. He's also produced and performed in several puppet shows for stage.

His most prolific non-puppet role to date was Napoleon, the baker's ghost, in the award-winning children's TV series Uhu!

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