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Early 1980s title card

Rue sesame reference.jpg

1, Rue Sésame is the original French Sesame Street co-production, which premiered on January 4, 1978.

The French Muppet characters are Toccata the large Albatross, Mordicus the saxophone-playing blue Grouch, and Trepido (a pink snail).

The series was executive produced by Michel Berthier from TF1 and Lutrelle Horne from CTW. The show ran for a total of 80 episodes and ceased production in June 1982.

A similarly titled French co-production debuted in 2005, called 5, Rue Sésame.

Character Translations and Voices

As with other co-productions, most of the characters were renamed. A few had different voices on certain albums than on the show, and sometimes multiple names were used for the same character.

English Name French Name French Voice Actor
Ernie Ernest Philippe Dumat
Bert Bart Henry Djanick
Cookie Monster Macaron Georges Atlas
Grover Grover Francis Lax
Count von Count Le Comte Georges Atlas (early episodes)
Jacques Deschamps
Herry Monster Hyacinthe
(Lhorrible in some books)
Jacques Deschamps
Kermit the Frog Kermit la grenouille Jacques Ebner
Betty Lou Gertrude Béatrice Delfe
Roosevelt Franklin Roosevelt Unknown
Guy Smiley Guy Sourire
Frazzle Farfelu Not Applicable
Farley Frédéric Unknown
Twiddlebugs Vibrillons
Oscar the Grouch Oscar le Grincheux




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