Element of the Finders Keepers facade used as an empty store front from Seasons 30 to 38.

10 Sesame Street is a building on Sesame Street. It's a brick two-story building that adjoins the Subway Station and it was one of the "around the corner" locations that debuted on Sesame Street in Season 25.

The bottom floor of the building is leased to the Finders Keepers shop. The second floor is allocated as office space, although the only business shown is Celina's Dance Studio, in #213. Beginning in Season 30, elements of this building have been used to convert the once Around the Corner area into a dead-end alley; the side of the building (as pictured) was repainted to look like an empty/abandoned storefront. It was removed by Season 39 when the set was moved to a new studio, and that area had to be shortened to allow room for the four-foot fire-escape lanes around the studio. The side wall of the building has been a fixture of the street next to Big Bird's nest area since Season 30.

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