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123 stoop

123 in Season 35.

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Concept image shared on Sesame's social media.

123 Sesame Street is the most famous address on Sesame Street. It is a large, two-story brownstone apartment building with an inviting front stoop.

The basement of the building contains the rather spartan apartment of Ernie and Bert, and laundry room located in a further level below that. The first floor apartment was originally home to Gordon, with his wife Susan, and son Miles (as well as Olivia during her time on the show, and Chris when he first moved to Sesame Street in Episode 4136). Gordon and Susan appeared to be the owners of the building (as alluded to in the first test show, Episode 0138, and 4275). The top floor was home to Luis with his wife Maria and daughter Gabi. The area directly to the right of the building is a courtyard that forms a living area for Big Bird.

Winnie Wiggins was originally mentioned as the superintendent of the building, but later in season 42, Maria was made the new building superintendent.

Grover has been a resident; the 1985 book When Grover Moved to Sesame Street shows Grover and his mommy moving into 123. Other books like Grover's Bad, Awful Day, show Grover and his mommy living in a house and other books show them living in another apartment across the street.

As of 2011, there were some available apartments at 123 Sesame Street. Elmo says that his parents consider the rent for the building quite economical, especially compared to other rental facilities in New York City.[1]

While the front doors of the building are famously green, they were briefly changed to red in season 33 and 34, as well as in The Adventures of Elmo in Grouchland.

For the major set changes in season 46, the brownstone was left relatively untouched, though some changes to the surrounding area were made. Gordon and Susan's apartment became the new apartment of Elmo, with his bedroom taking the place of their cornerstone living room. A new dumpster unit was placed in the low wall in the front of the building, becoming the new location for Oscar and his trash can. While a back door to the building was added in season 39, the space behind the building was opened up more, with direct access to the garden and Big Bird's nest. Some proposed ideas included shifting the brownstone to be the centralized location of the block or adding a "playable space" in front of the building similar to those found in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn.[2]

In a series of videos produced for Sesame Street in Communities, Abby Cadabby and her family (Rudy, Maggie Cadabby, and Freddy) are seen moving into the building. In Episode 4635, Nina tends to trick-or-treaters at the building's front door, suggesting she is also a resident as well.


123 roof wide 2253

Wide shot of the roof (Episode 2253).

In Episode 1065, Gordon notes that he and Susan have owned the building for years, but have hardly ever been up on the roof. He's soon joined by his neighbors who all decide that there should be a garden on the roof.

Notable events on the roof include a sing-along gathering in Episode 2443, Maria and Luis's wedding, and a moment in Episode 1966 where the adults decide to believe Big Bird about the existence of his friend Snuffy after all.

The rooftop was also home to a coop where Bert kept his many pigeons as seen in episodes 1293 and 1312, and an arboretum curated in Episode 1482.

James Taylor and his band recorded a series of musical performances from the rooftop set, most notably the appropriately-located "Up on the Roof."


Far below the roof is the building's basement, which has been a featured location in a number of episodes, including Episode 1159, 2751, and 3223. As stated in the former episode, the basement is located even further below ground than Ernie and Bert's low-level apartment. The episode also establishes that the room is so subterranean, Oscar's trash can has a back door leading to the room.

The space has primarily been seen when the residents of the building make use of the communal washing machines, long before a laundromat was established on set. It also was used for storage, as Gordon claims to have a trunk full of old items down there in Episode 3019.


  • An altered version of 123 Sesame Street is the proper of Sesame Street's Japanese co-production, from season 2 onwards.
  • 123 Sesame Street is, as of late 2008, an actual address in the rural town of Springboro, Ohio.
  • A landlady for the building was considered as a new recurring character for the tenth season.[7]
  • In a 1977 appearance on Donny & Marie, Big Bird refers to the building specifically as "123 East Sesame Street."



123 Sesame Street has been immortalized in toy form several times:

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