The following are transcripts from the broadcast of the 2007 Daytime Emmy Awards, aired Saturday, June 16, 2007.

Presenting the "Outstanding Performer In A Children's Series" category were As the World Turns stars Terri Colombino (who plays Katie Peretti) and Austin Peck (who plays Brad Snyder). Peck walked out waving a video camera, which he claims his mother made him take with him. They present the nominees, which include Sesame Street Muppeteers Kevin Clash for Elmo and Caroll Spinney for his portrayal of Oscar the Grouch, as well as LeVar Burton for Reading Rainbow. LeVar is not shown in the audience, but both Clash and Spinney are present, holding their characters.

Colombino and Peck open the envelope, revealing a tie. The first winner is announced as being Clash, who accepts the award. After his speech, Spinney is announced as the second winner, and he says his thanks. Both Spinney and Clash are seen walking off stage together, with the presenters, as they go to commercials.

Kevin Clash

[Elmo looks at the presenters.]
Elmo Hello! Hello!
Terri Colombino Ah! My daughter would love this!
Kevin Clash Thank you.
[Elmo's face approaches Austin Peck's video camera]
Elmo Hello, how are you?
Kevin Clash Oh man, oh man, oh man, oh man. I tell you, I started watching this show when I was ten years old, learned how to build puppets and I've been with Jim, and the Muppets for about, it's been about 25 years for me. I grew up watching this show, glued to it, my mom thought I'd go blind, trying to figure out how to build these things. I tell you it's been a wonderful, wonderful ride working with this wonderful wonderful show, I had great parents who really supported me, I have great friends like Michelle who's here tonight. I love living on the street, of Sesame Street.
[mild laughter]
Kevin Clash Thank you very much for this.

Caroll Spinney

Oscar: Gee I never thought I'd...
Caroll Spinney: Heya, he, e, I'm here too!
Oscar: Who ask'd ya?
Caroll Spinney: Wow, This is really exciting. Thank you very much. Thank you Joan Cooney, who started Sesame Street. Thank you Carolyn Parente, our producer, my wife, Oscar, I have to thank you too...
Oscar: Never thank a grouch!
Caroll Spinney, in Big Bird's voice: And I'd like to thank Big Bird too.
[audience applauds, yells in approval]
Caroll Spinney: Thank you everybody.

Tyra and Elmo

[Promotes her show at length, before getting down to presenting the award.]
Tyra Banks And it is my pleasure to tell everyone about the children's categories that were present last night.
Elmo Excuse Elmo, Ms. Tyra. Ms. Tyra? Come here. Come here, come here, come here, come here. Over here!
[Tyra waddles back and forth on stage.]
Elmo Did you say children?
Tyra Banks Elmo, I did. What are you doing here?
Elmo Elmo heard all the people having a good time, and [laughs] Elmo didn't want to miss all the fun. Woowee. Nice dress!
Tyra Banks You like my dress?
Elmo Hubba hubba! Elmo likes award shows.
Tyra Banks Thank you, Elmo. Elmo, am I supposed to be standing in front with you?
Elmo That's okay, you can be behind here. It's okay.
Tyra Banks I'm going to come to the front, I don't think I'm supposed to be behind here.
Elmo Okay.
[Introduction continues]

Costume design

Accepting the award were "Anney Fresh" McKilligan and Michelle Hickey. (YouTube)

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