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Sesame Street parodies 30 Rock.

"My Whole Life is Thunder"

30 Rock is a half-hour sitcom about the backstage workings of a fictional sketch comedy show, The Girlie Show with Tracy Jordan. Inspired by Saturday Night Live, the show premiered on NBC in the fall of 2006 and stars Tina Fey as Liz Lemon. Other regular cast members include Jane Krakowski, Judah Friedlander and Alec Baldwin.


  • "I Heart Connecticut" (April 14, 2011): To make Jenna Maroney's new movie, Take My Hand, more profitable, Jack uses various methods to earn money. WallMart ends up supporting the production, only if they make it more family friendly. One of the changes made is the appearance of a Muppet character (made from a stock Sesame Street monster puppet). Peter Linz is credited as its performer.
  • "My Whole Life is Thunder" (December 6, 2012): Kermit the Frog (identified as Liz's childhood crush in a season 5 episode) appears as a part of Jack's eulogy to his mother.

Muppet Mentions

"Who Wore it Better?" from "The Bubble"

Kenneth in "Muppet" form in "Dealbreakers Talk Show #0001"

Liz's Kermit poster from "Reaganing"

  • "Black Tie": Pete, the producer, tries to comfort his young son over the phone by talking in his Elmo voice.
  • "The C Word": In a deleted scene, Tracy gives some relationship advice to Kenneth the page, who harbors feelings for a fellow page.
Tracy: "All the best love stories have been about forbidden love. Romeo and Juliet, Bert and Ernie, Elmo and the Cookie Monster.
Kenneth: "Sir, you have really misinterpreted Sesame Street."
Tracy: "What's Sesame Street?"
  • "Cleveland": TGS star Tracy Jordan fears that he is being targeted for elimination by "The Black Crusaders" because he is an embarrassment to African-Americans. Jordan lists Oprah Winfrey, Bill Cosby, and Gordon from Sesame Street as members of the elite, albeit fictional, organization.
  • In a promo spot for the second season premiere, Tina has Alec guess who she's imitating. His first guess is the Muppets.
  • "Sandwich Day": Liz Lemon gets mad that her special Sandwich Day sandwich is missing. Upon noticing this, she throws something out of her office and into the writers' room. The object (on pause, it can be seen as a lamp) smashes into a dry erase board that has ideas for characters and/or sketches written on it. A close-up of the board is shown very briefly, and one of the ideas is for "pervert Elmo."
  • "The One with the Cast from Night Court": When Liz learns that Jack has been once again seduced by her "friend" Claire Harper (Jennifer Aniston), Claire says to her, "Oh, please stop. Don't make that angry Muppet face at him."
  • "Generalissimo": While going through some mail that was accidentally delivered to Liz, Jenna discovers some Netflix rental DVDs, including The Muppets Take Manhattan.
  • "The Bubble": A "Who Wore it Better?" magazine spread is shown, featuring Jenna and Miss Piggy in the same outfit. According to 84% of respondents, Miss Piggy wore it better.
  • "Dealbreakers Talk Show #0001": When Kenneth steps in front of the HD camera, the TV screen shows him as a puppet, made from The Muppet Whatnot Workshop.
  • "Stone Mountain": Jack and Liz search for new talent at a comedy bar with a ventriloquist played by Jeff Dunham. Liz attempts to heckle him, but he kicks back with insults.
Jack: I'm sorry, but that's enough. Sir, you're out of line.
Puppet: I'll tell you what's out of line. Your old lady's knockers. Good lord, woman. I wouldn't **** you with Elmo's ****.
  • "The Fabian Strategy": Liz and Carol (Matt Damon) both reveal that their three favorite things are the Barefoot Contessa, sweater weather, and Muppets who present at awards shows.
  • "Reaganing": Liz reveals that she owned a Kermit the Frog poster as a nine-year-old child.
  • "TGS Hates Women": Kenneth says, "I hope my legacy is a Sesame Street-type TV show that promotes illiteracy in girls."
  • "I Heart Connecticut": Liz lists various crazy and inappropriate things Tracy has done, including exposing himself to Elmo.
  • "Standards and Practices": Tracy walks into work complaining, "I feel like Oscar the Grouch today! And not just 'cause I woke up in a garbage can this morning, startling someone named Gordon."
  • "The Return of Avery Jessup": Liz' boyfriend, Criss, moves his hot dog truck to a street corner in Manhattan occupied by costumed impersonators of Sesame Street monsters (including "Elmarg"), who proceed to beat him up for occupying their turf. Criss is saved by Liz and Jenna, and the incident makes the press.
  • "A Goon's Deed In A Weary World": When Tracy and Jenna quit TGS, Liz states they can easily be replaced with David Alan Grier and Miss Piggy.


  • In Episode 4931 of Sesame Street, Cookie Monster hears that supermarkets sell cookies. He breathily states, "Me want to go to there," echoing one of Liz Lemon's well-known lines from the series.



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