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PERFORMER Jerry Nelson
DEBUT 1973
PATTERN Large Lavender Live Hand

A.J. Hornswoggle is a fast-talking salesman who appears in Episode 0566 of Sesame Street.

Wearing a loud green plaid jacket and feather-adorned fedora, Hornswoggle attempts to sell the citizens of Sesame Street "fantastic machines," small boxes that not only can produce lively rock music, but can also create the sound of people laughing (or crying, for the discriminating tastes of Grouch clientele). Describing his product as the bargain of the century, he convinces Big Bird, Jay, and Oscar to purchase one of the machines, despite the small amount of smoke that each box makes when in use. According to Hornswoggle, the enjoyment that the machine brings outweighs the potential hazard of the smoke. Ultimately, his customers decide to dispose of the boxes when the smoke combines and turns Sesame Street into a hazy environment.

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