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Written by Michael Artin, Russell Ginns and Karen Kane
Illustrator Tom Leigh and Joel Schick
Published 1992
Publisher Prodigy Services Company
Pages 32

A New Way to Get to Sesame Street is a 1992 book produced to promote the Sesame Street content available on the Prodigy online service, which operated from 1984 to 2001. Known as the family-oriented internet service, Prodigy contracted with the Children's Television Workshop to produce licensed computer games exclusive to the platform.

The content included personalized postcards from the Sesame Street characters, and stories that used the child's name. The "In the Dark" game featured Grover investigating a dark screen with his flashlight, for the player to guess the hidden letter. Other games included "Math Movies", "Letter of the Day", "What is Wrong With This Picture?", "Fit the Shape", "What's Hiding Here?", a counting game and a maze.

The book, illustrated by regular Sesame illustrators Tom Leigh and Joel Schick, gave the content a more appealing look than the screenshots of the actual graphics used in the web content. In addition to the typical cast of characters, the book includes the Two-Headed Monster, Forgetful Jones, Herry Monster, the Amazing Mumford and Sherlock Hemlock.