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Written by Ellen Weiss, Kiki Thorpe, Craig Shemin, Ben Eastman
Illustrator John Barrett (photos), Corinda Cook (dust jacket and interior design)
Published 1999
Publisher Running Press
ISBN 0762405902

A Very Muppet Christmas is a Christmas book measuring 3ΒΌ x 2ΒΎ", which is split up into three sections: Muppet Carols, in which traditional holiday songs are set to new "Muppety" lyrics; Letters to Santa from the Muppets; and several Holiday Tales, reworked in a Muppet fashion.

Muppet Carols

Letters to Santa

  • Fozzie asks for the bear essentials and asks why they're not called snowdeer.
  • Gonzo tells Santa about how he discovered he was an alien that year.
  • Kermit asks that all his friends get what they want.
  • Miss Piggy apologizes for not leaving any cookies and milk last year.
  • Sam the Eagle discredits the grovelling done by Americans in letters to Santa.

Holiday Tales