Written by Deborah Hautzig
Illustrator Joe Mathieu
Published 1986
Publisher Random House
ISBN 0808568361

A Visit to the Sesame Street Library is a 1986 Sesame Street storybook. Big Bird wants to buy a big book about birds, but he does not have enough money for it. Mrs. Hirsch recommends that he visit the library, where he can borrow books for free.

Big Bird runs into Grover there, who shows him around and introduces him to the librarian, Mrs. Libby. During his visit he sees a puppet show of Little Red Riding Hood being performed by Mrs. Libby, he listens to Peter and the Wolf with Grover in the listening corner, and he learns about the art of Japanese origami. Big Bird is impressed with all the books and other things, including the tapes and records they have. Eventually Big Bird gets his library card and checks out all the books he wants.



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