A Year of Celebrations

Written by Dina Anastasio
Published 1997
Publisher Children's Television Workshop
ISBN 1884013007

A Year of Celebrations: Hundreds of Ideas and Activities for Family Fun is a Sesame Street guide for parents on creative activities for their children.

The activities include:

  • Foolin' With Food on "April Silly Day"
  • Stomp to the Music at "A Spring Birthday Party"
  • Sing for Your Pancakes on "A Musical Morning"
  • Hide and Seek Greetings when "Grandma and Grandpa Are Coming"
  • The Count's Counting Game when you're "On the Road Again"
  • Mirror Games on "I'm Fit" Day
  • Bring on the New Cake when "We're Moving"
  • Make Noticeable Notebooks as you "Get Ready for School"
  • Rock My World on "A Walk in the Woods"
  • Bubble Dancers on "Simple Science Day"
  • It's a Frame-Up when you "Create An Art Museum"
  • Batty Webs when you "Get Ready for Halloween"
  • What's That Sound at "A Mysterious Autumn Birthday Party"
  • Flashlight Tag and Glowing Moon Rocks on "Fun in the Dark Day"
  • Silly Red Creatures and I Can Make Elmo Giggle at "Elmo's Giggle Party"
  • Get Up and Go Games for "Cabin Fever Fun"

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