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| The class joins [[Peter Pan|Captain Hook]] in a quest for the missing pieces of his treasure.
| The class joins [[Peter Pan|Captain Hook]] in a quest for the missing pieces of his treasure.
| [[Image:Noimage.png|100px|center]]
| [[Image:AFFS-Zoo02.png|250px|center]]
| Puckish Pete's Petting Zoo Play-Along
| Puckish Pete's Petting Zoo Play-Along
| align=center| [[Episode 4307]]
| align=center| [[Episode 4307]]

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Abbys Flying Fairy School.cast.jpg

Gonnigan, Abby, and Blögg as Cinderella

Abby's Flying Fairy School is a CGI-animated Sesame Street segment starring fairy-in-training Abby Cadabby. Abby goes to Fairy School, learning from Mrs. Sparklenose. Her class features all new characters: classmates Blögg and Gonnigan, fairies, trolls, and a part-gerbil part-unicorn called Niblet. Episodes of the preschool series are eight to nine minutes long and debuted during Season 40.

The series focuses on rhyme, reasoning, problem-solving, and cooperation.

The principal characters in the series were designed by Peter De Sève, of the Ice Age movies, and Pixar's Finding Nemo, and Ratatouille. The series is designed and animated by SpeakeasyFX. A couple of Spot sequences were animated by Magnetic Dreams Animation Studio.

An early concept for the series was to have the Muppet version of Abby board a bus, which transforms her into a CG character.[1] The segment's theme song was written by Tony Geiss. It was later re-orchestrated for season 42.

In interviews, Rosita has said that she wants to visit the school; Abby is considering bringing her for show-and-tell.(YouTube)


Picture Title First Appearance Description
Niblet's Wand Episode 4187 Abby, Gonnigan and Blögg chase Niblet around the classroom and a crayon drawing to retrieve Blögg's stolen wand.
Pinocchio Process Episode 4188 Blögg tries to turn his marionette into a real boy, but instead turns himself into a puppet. Mrs. Sparklenose describes the way he can become normal, using "The Pinocchio Process".
Genie in a Bottle Episode 4189 Abby accidentally unleashes Gene the Genie from his bottle. His bottle, however, does not want to be empty and sucks up anyone near it.
Sugar Plum Fairy Day Episode 4190 Gonnigan doesn't think he can dance in the dance recital. Mrs. Sparklenose poofs up him some "Sugar Plum Fairy Dance Shoes", which won't stay still for Gonnigan to put them on.
Cinderella Challenge Episode 4191 The class must participate in the "Cinderella Challenge" to gain their Fairy Godmother wings.
This segment was adapted into an interactive game on Sesamestreet.org.
Say Gezundenshniffle Episode 4197 After Blögg accidentally lets loose some Fairy Dust Bunnies, which set off Mrs. Sparklenose's allergic reactions. Her magic sneezes turn her students into various things.
This segment was adapted into an interactive game on Sesamestreet.org.
Sleeping Blöggy Episode 4200 Abby brings the Enchanted Apple from Snow White in for Show-and-Tell, which Blögg eats and falls into a deep sleep.
This segment was adapted into an interactive game on Sesamestreet.org.
Fairies and the Beanstalk Episode 4203 Gonnigan uses a spell to make his plant grow, which turns it into a beanstalk and sends Peck into the sky. They go to the top of it and find a giant.
Colonial Trolliamsberg Episode 4205 The class takes a field trip to Colonial Trolliamsberg, a town populated by trolls. Blögg (being half-troll) tries to hide his fairy wings from the residents, thinking he will be made fun of.
Call it Macaronisaurus Episode 4207 Blögg makes a large replica dinosaur from macaroni. Using "The Spice of Life", the dinosaur begins to wreak havoc on the classroom.
This segment was adapted into an interactive game on Sesamestreet.org.
Tooth Fairy Training Class Episode 4213 The students learn how to swap the tooth from under a pillow and make it into a coin, but must do it alone when Mrs. Sparklenose is put under a sleeping spell.
The Cubby Imp Episode 4214 Everyone's stuff is disappearing into the cubbies. It's up to Abby, Blögg and Gonnigan to find the Cubby Creature and retrieve their stuff.
Sheepytime Episode 4215 Abby has a hard time getting to sleep at nap time and conjures some sheep to count, with disastrous results.
Pandora's Lunch Box Episode 4257 Pandora's Lunchbox is accidentally opened, releasing some giant magical snacks that begin to wreak havoc.
Super fairy epScreenShot.jpg
Super Fairy Episode 4258 Abby conjures up her hero, Super Fairy, to meet her friends. But, she constantly knocks over their tower while trying to make them like her.
Ep202 screenshot.jpg
Fly Me to the Goon Episode 4259 Abby brings a bunny to class for B Day, but the bunny turns out to be Little Bunny Foo-Foo, who won't stop bopping everyone's heads.
Ep206 screenshot.jpg
The Rapunzel Dilemma Episode 4260 Its picture day in class, and Gonnigan is having a bad hair day. Abby tries using Rapunzel brand hair gel on him, but it makes his hair grow longer and longer, so they get Papino, a pixie barber, to cut his hair.
Ep201 screenshot.jpg
Blögg's Schlubby Episode 4261 Blögg's stinky sock comes to life and turns everything that it touches dirty and stinky. So the students conjure up a washing machine to clean it.
Ep205 screenshot.jpg
Fairy Face the Music Episode 4265 The students meet Morty the Musical Muse, who helps them learn to play their instruments.
Blögg's Sense of Sludge Episode 4275 The gang uses their senses to find Blogg's sludge balls in the ocean.
Opposite Day Episode 4277 Blogg enchants himself with an opposite spell, which makes him into a neat, respectable person.
Henking Day Episode 4301 It's Henking Day, a Troll holiday, and the gang tries to find Grandpa Blogg's tree-home.
Treasure Hunt Episode 4305 The class joins Captain Hook in a quest for the missing pieces of his treasure.
Puckish Pete's Petting Zoo Play-Along Episode 4307 The class takes a field trip to a petting zoo where they must complete Puckish Pete's play-along challenge; they must feed a hydra, play with a kraken, and ride a unicorn.

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