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Abbys pink party.jpg
Written by Naomi Kleinberg
Illustrator Tom Brannon
Published 2011
Publisher Random House
ISBN 0307929566

Abby's Pink Party is a 2011 Sesame Street storybook.

Publisher's description

Abby Cadabby is feeling blue because it's her birthdayβ€”and no one remembered! Even a walk around Sesame Street with Elmo doesn't cheer Abby up. But there's something going on behind the scenes, and little readers will figure out just before Abby does that there's a happyβ€”and pinkβ€”surprise waiting for her right inside her own front door: Grover, Murray, Zoe, Big Bird, and Cookie Monster are giving Abby a birthday party after all! A die-cut flap at the end reveals a BIG homemade birthday card!