Written by Bonnie Brooke
from the original screenplay by Christine Ferraro
Illustrator Tom Brannon
Published 2008
Publisher Dalmatian Press
ISBN 1403750114

Abby in Wonderland is a 2008 Sesame Street storybook based on the direct-to-video special of the same name. The book includes flaps to lift to reveal new parts of the story.

Fairy-in-training Abby Cadabby wakes up from a nap to see a Red Rabbit hopping by, who bears a striking resemblance to Elmo. Abby follows the Rabbit down a deep hole, and her wand falls into the Rabbit's back pocket. She tries to follow him, and enters a strange wonderland.

On her way, Abby picks up a magical bottle, which makes her shrink when she says words that rhyme with "drink", and a magical cookie, which makes her grow when she says words that rhyme with "eat". Growing smaller, she encounters a Little Rose (Rosita) and a Counterpillar (The Count). A Cheshire Cookie Cat (Cookie Monster) directs her to the Mad Hatter's tea party.

The Mad Hatter (Grover) has invited the Red Rabbit and a sleepy Dormouse (Zoe) to his tea party. Abby catches up with the Rabbit, and asks for her wand back. The Rabbit realizes that he dropped the wand, and the pair search for it. They discover that the King of Cards (Oscar the Grouch as the Grouch of Hearts) has picked up the wand, and he'll only return it if Abby beats him at croquet.

Abby loses the game, but still demands the return of her wand. The king refuses, so Abby and the Red Rabbit use the magic cookie to grow big and scare the Grouch into giving the wand back. Abby bids the Rabbit goodbye, and uses the wand to travel back home.

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