Abbys fliegende Feenschule is the German dub of Abby's Flying Fairy School. It first aired on KiKA on October 10, 2013 and runs as a stand-alone series (not part of Sesamstrasse). All twenty-six episodes have been released to DVD.

Translations and Voices

English Name German Name German Voice Actor
Abby Cadabby Abby Shandra Schadt
Blögg Jochen Bendel
Gonnigan Traumichnicht Tobias Kern
Mrs. Sparklenose Frau Funkelnase Constanze Lindner
Niblet Niblet (Nibbi) Farina Brock
Peck Claudia Schmidt


  • Dubbing studio: Bavaria Synchron
  • Dubbing script and direction: Dagmar Preuss
  • Editing: Kai-Roman Schottle

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