Miss Piggy dressed as Abraham Lincoln for the 1982 I Love Liberty special


Robot Abraham Lincoln


Lincoln in a Sesame Street cartoon

Honest fozzie lincoln

Fozzie as Lincoln


The Lincoln Memorial statue on Muppet Babies.

Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865) was the sixteenth President of the United States, particularly noted for his leadership during the Civil War, delivery of the Gettysburg Address, and the Emancipation Proclamation. Nicknamed "Honest Abe," the lanky bearded politician was a controversial figure in his own time, but has since been recognized as one of the greatest presidents, ranked with George Washington. A key factor in this was not only Lincoln's statesmanship and opposition to slavery, but his assassination on April 14, 1865, days after the Southern forces surrendered. Lincoln thus became the first American president to be assassinated (but not the last, as witness John F. Kennedy) and the fourth to die in office. His image adorns the five dollar bill and the penny.

The figure of Lincoln has been represented in Muppet form on several occasions, or portrayed by other characters.


  • Abraham Lincoln appeared in the Jazz #2 animated segment on Sesame Street, opposite Washington in an elevator, before being replaced by dual Washingtons.
  • In I Love Liberty, Miss Piggy makes repeated attempts to gain a role in the Muppets 1776-style historical play. Rebuffed in her guise as Washington, she re-appears in stovepipe hat and beard as Abraham Lincoln, quoting the Gettysburg Address: "Ahem! Four score and seven years ago, our fathers brought forth upon this --" Kermit interrupts: "Piggy! You're four score and seven years too early for this play!" He pushes her out the door again.
  • In a Sesame Street sketch where the Two-Headed Monster reads the word "Quiet", the left head is heard reciting Lincoln's Gettysburg Address before the word appears.
  • A miniature replica of the Lincoln Memorial is seen in the Biography section of the Sesame Street Library in Episode 4911 of Sesame Street.
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