Abre-te Sésamo is the Portuguese dub of Play with Me Sesame. It premiered on Portugal's RTP2 in 2007.

Character Translations and Voices

English Character Name Portuguese Character Name Portuguese Voice Actor
Ernie Egas Sérgio Calvinho
Bert Becas Vítor Emanuel
Grover Gualter Rómulo Fragoso
Prairie Dawn Diana Bárbara Lourenço
Zoe Zoe Ana Luís Martins
Cookie Monster Monstro das Bolachas Unknown
Kermit the Frog Sapo Cocas Mário Bomba


  • The name translation for Big Bird is "Passarão". In Brinca Comigo, the second dubbed version of the series, Big Bird is called Poupas, the resident bird from Portugal.[1]
  • A confusion struck between character translations for Elmo and Telly. Instead of Elmo's original name, Simão, he is renamed to Telmo, Telly's Portuguese name. Telly's name was left unmodified.[2] This was carried on to Rua Sésamo ao Vivo for unknown reasons.[3] This was reverted in the second dub.
  • Abre-te Sésamo was the name of the first European-Portuguese dub package from the 1970s. 


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