Songs from Ábrete Sésamo
Released 1976
Format LP
Label CBS
Cat no. LSP 13253

This soundtrack album for Ábrete Sésamo, the first Spanish dub of Sesame Street, was produced by CBS in 1976. It was the first album produced in Spain. At least three 45 RPM singles were also released containing songs from this album (see International Sesame Street Singles for details).

Although the title does not include any diacritic, the correct Spanish form would have been Ábrete Sésamo.

Track listing

Side One

  1. Ábrete Sésamo (Sesame Street Theme) - The Kids
  2. Presentacion (Presentation) - Bert, Ernie, Cookie Monster and Grover
  3. Arriba y Abajo (Up and Down)
  4. Adivinanza (Conundrum)
  5. Cinco en familia (Five People in My Family) - Anything Muppets
  6. Epi en el Zoo (Ernie at the Zoo) - Ernie
  7. Patito de goma (Rubber Duckie) - Ernie
  8. Gustavo y el Flautista (Kermit and the Flute Player) - Kermit
  9. Canta (Sing) - The Kids

Side Two

  1. El Alfabeto (The Alphabet)
  2. Vamos a pasear (Goin' For a Ride) - Anything Muppets
  3. Sopa de galletas (Cookie Soup) - Cookie Monster
  4. Alrededor, Encima, Debajo y A Través (Over, Under, Around, and Through) - Grover
  5. Tus vecinos (The People in Your Neighborhood) - Bob and the Anything Muppets
  6. Comprando una Trompeta (Buying a trumpet) - The Kids
  7. A todo el mundo le gustan los Helados (Everyone Likes Ice Cream) - Anything Muppets
  8. Imaginación (Imagination) - Bert and Ernie



While the LP cover says "S 81730", the record inside says "LSP 13253". Records may exist with the other number.


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