Adriano Luz (b. 1959) is a Portuguese actor who dubbed Kermit the Frog (Cocas) in the first three seasons of Rua Sésamo, the Portuguese co-production of Sesame Street. He returned to the role for Os Marretas (the Portuguese dub of The Muppets.)

Luz's dubbing credits include The Lion King (Banzai), Heathcliff (Wordsworth), X-Men (Beast, also dubbing director), Sonic Underground (Dr. Robotnik), Men in Black (Zed, dubbing director), the Dutch stop-motion series Bolke de Beer, and the anime Majokko Megu-chan.

On Portuguese television, Luz had a recurring role as a bodyguard on the series Duarte & C.a from 1988 to 1989. He also had regular or recurring stints on several series (mostly soap operas) including A Raia dos Medos (2000), A Ferreirinha (2004), Tempo de Viver (2006-2007), Equador (2009, with Alexandra Lencastre), Espírito Indomável (2010-2011), Remédio Santo (2011-2012), and Destinos Cruzados (2013, also with Lencastre). Film credits, in addition to several Portuguese movies (some in leading roles), include supporting parts in the French-Portuguese co-production Lines of Wellington (with John Malkovich) and 2013's Night Train to Lisbon (with Jeremy Irons).

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