Written by Christopher Cerf
Date 1991
Publisher Splotched Animal Music
First Episode 2951

Plaza Sésamo version

"Adventure" is a Sesame Street song sung by En Vogue that details an adventure they went on, meeting Elmo, The Count, Ernie, Oscar, some Honkers and Dingers and Super Grover. The Martians also make a short cameo.

The song was also performed on Plaza Sésamo with Lola and Alessandra Rosado in a 2006 episode, with altered lyrics to mention the non-American characters.


  • Puppeteers include Paul Hartis and Peter MacKennan.
  • In a Toughpigs interview, Chris Cerf states that the insert was shot at "Silver Cup Studios". He also states that En Vogue arrived to the shooting in very risque outfits which was disapproved by Arlene Sherman so they were given the outfits seen in the video.


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