Air Date December 20, 2009
Written by Mariella Harpelunde Jensen
Director Mariella Harpelunde Jensen

Picture Segment Description
Scene Elmo proudly shows of his new watch to the viewers. As he asks the viewers if they can guess what time it is, something saying "UUUU" is heard. At first he thinks it might have been his watch, but it says "tick tick tick" and not "UUUU". But that weird sound appears once again. Elmo notice that it's time for feeding Dorothy, and maybe she knows where that sound comes from.
Muppets Elmo's World: Fish.
The following segments were cut; The Noodle Family, Kids and Baby, Film, TV Cartoon, Interview and Tickle Me Land.
Scene Signe arrives and Elmo tells her that someone is hiding in his room while saying "UUUU". Signe thinks it sounds strange. Elmo then shows Signe his new watch, as she is looking at the watch the sound is heard again. Elmo then notices the letter "U" behind them. Elmo asks if "U" wants to play, and the "U" quickly moves over to them. Elmo suggests that they play a watchgame, were Signe and "U" guess the time on his watch. Signe and "U" tries to see the time on Elmo's watch but he notices it and tells them not to cheat. After a guesses Signe gives up and Elmo tells them that the time is "time to play with Bert and Ernie".
Muppets Play with Me Sesame
Scene "U" suggests that they play the letter "U" game, where Elmo and Signe have to guess an item that "U" thinks about that starts with a "U". Signe gets the first one right it was a uldtæppe (wool blanket), Elmo guess the next one correct his ur (watch). Elmo then looks at his watch and says it's time to sing "Action alfabet-sangen".
After the song Elmo looks at his watch again and says it's time to say goodbye and they all wave.

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