Air Date February 14, 2010
Written by Mariella Harpelunde Jensen
Director Mariella Harpelunde Jensen

Picture Segment Description
Scene Elmo are dancing to the Tommy Seebach song "Disco Tango". He welcomes the viewers and tells them that he has invented a song and invites them to dance with him. However he gets interrupted by something in his room that makes a "DDD" sound. He decides to look for the source of the sound while he dances, but he can't see where the sound comes from. He finally decides to go and ask Signe if she knows were the sound could come from.
Muppets Elmo's World: Music.
The following segments were cut;Dorothy's Question, The Noodle Family, Kids and Baby, Elmo's Question, Quiz, Film, Home Video
Scene Elmo returns with Signe, but she can't hear anything so she asks Elmo to dance and then maybe the sound would return. During Elmo's dance Signe hears the sound and starts to locate the source and she discovers the letter "D" at Elmo's desk. Elmo wants to dance the dance again but the letter "D" continues to interrupt him. Signe suggest that it could be because the letter will dance with him. Elmo invites the letter to join him and ends up asking Signe and the viewers to dance as well, so they can have a dance party. However he will have to get a few things over at Bert and Ernie's house before the dance party can begin.
Muppets Play with Me Sesame
Scene Elmo says that now they have gotten all the things they need for the dance party. All three then dance to "Disco Tango". After the dance the letter "D" shows them a few things that starts with "D" and they decide to sing "Action alfabet-sangen.

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