Air Date March 27, 2011
Written by Mariella Harpelunde Jensen
Director Mariella Harpelunde Jensen

Picture Segment Description
Scene Elmo is sneaking around in his room and is very careful not to be seen, while the James Bond theme plays. After awhile he tells the viewer that he and Bræt pretends to be secret agents and that they each got a pair of top secret x-ray glasses on. He then hears a "BBBB" sound, he looks around in the room with the x-ray glasses, but he can't see anything. He decides to use the top secret "BBBB" locator, to find the "BBBB" sound. But the secret "BBBB" locator breaks down, before Elmo can find the sound. He decides to go and ask secret agent Dorothy if she got a "BBBB" locator he can borrow.
Muppets Elmo's World: Computers.
The following segments were cut;Dorothy's Question,The Noodle Family, Kids and Baby, Quiz, Video E-Mail, Elmo's Question and Film.
Scene Secret agent Elmo got a "BBBB" locator from secret agent Dorothy. While Elmo is using the locator Signe comes by and Elmo asks her if she would like to join them in pretending to be secret agents. Signe puts on her own pair of secret agent x-ray glasses and helps to search for the "BBBB" sound. Signe quickly locate the source of the sound, the letter "B" that is hiding behind the kitchen door. Signe tells Elmo about the letter B. It turns out that "B" also wants to be a secret agent, Elmo goes to find some secret x-ray glasses for "B"
Muppets Play with Me Sesame
Scene Elmo briefs the other agents about their new mission. They are gonna search Elmo's room for things that start with the letter "B". While they search the James Bond theme plays in the background. Elmo can't find anything that starts with the letter "B". The letter "B" then attracts Elmo's attention and he realizes that Bræt begins with a "B". Signe also points out that his glasses (briller) begins with the letter "B". They then sing "Action alfabet-sangen" together. After the song they slowly moves towards the camera and then suddenly yells "Buhhh".

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