DEBUT 2008

Agen Rahasia 123 (Secret Agent 123) is a James Bond caricature/spoof on Jalan Sesama. His catchphrase is saying "Okay!" In a recurring series of five-minute segments, Agen Rahasia 123's secret mission is to solve a problem cause by the Goat. To help him solve the problem, Agen Rahasia 123 gets help from a kid. When his mission is accomplish, Agen Rahasia tries to sneak away, but ends up with a physical punishment at the end like Modesto Microfono from the Plaza Sésamo sketch, Chispas de Informacion.

The "Agen Rahasia 123" segments focus on numbers and patterns.


Picture Summary Earliest Known Appearance Description
Number Board Agen Rahasia 123 must rearranged boards that the Goat knocked over. The boards have numbers one to four on them and must be arranged in the right order. A kid named Andre helps him out. At the end of the mission, Agen Rahasia 123 tries to sneak away, but he slips on a banana peel and falls down.
Pattern Banner Agen Rahasia 123 must fix a color and shape pattern banner that the Goat broke apart. A kid named Adam helps him out. At the end of the mission, Agen Rahasia 123 sneaks away by swinging on a vine like Tarzan, but crashes into a tree.
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