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DEBUT 1980

Agnes Stonewick is an 87-year-old woman.

She first appears in episode 517 of The Muppet Show, as a tambourine player for Geri and the Atrics (replacing the band's leader, Geri). She later appeared in The Muppets Take Manhattan sitting in the pews at Kermit and Miss Piggy's wedding. In the song "He'll Make Me Happy", the lines "Days go passing into years/Years go passing day by day" are sung by a row of babies and elderly ladies. Agnes is one of the elderly women, sitting with the guitarist and pianist from the Muppet Show band Geri and the Atrics.

Agnes also appeared The Muppets Go to the Movies during the opening number, and also on Muppets Tonight in a "Swift Wits" sketch, which was the UK Spot in episode 102. She is playing for Buffy, a little dog who would rather win a life-time supply of dog treats than be eaten by Carl the Big Mean Bunny. Agnes has a brother, Norm, whom she does not hold in high esteem. Her apparent distaste for him ultimately clouds what might have been her better judgment, and as a result, every clue she's given by Snookie Blyer is returned with a negative connotation to her brother. Despite her obliviousness, she exhibits some minor distress at Buffy's fate.

Incidentally, Agnes also appears to be a member of the Dancing Grandmas seen in episode 204.