Alex Stevens as the baker

Alex Stevens (1936-2015) was a stunt performer and occasional actor, based primarily in New York, who was featured on Sesame Street as the baker in the Numerosity films. While Jim Henson supplied the voice, it was Stevens who took the tumble down stairs carrying an array of pastries or other desserts.

Stevens was president of the East Coast Stuntman's Association for many years. His most notable on-camera role had him buried beneath heavy makeup, appearing on TV's Dark Shadows whenever the plot involved a werewolf (playing the lupine versions of both Quentin Collins and Chris Jennings, from 1968 through 1970). He even appeared in character as the werewolf on What's My Line? in 1970, removing his makeup at the end for the audience.

In films, Stevens was one of the stuntmen in the chase sequence in The French Connection (1971) and served as stunt coordinator/performer for blaxploitation pictures such as Shaft's Big Score! and Super Fly. He performed stunt character roles, usually as hoods, in Frank Sinatra's crime movies The Detective and Lady in Cement, Shamus (with Burt Reynolds), The Projectionist (with Rodney Dangerfield), and Hercules in New York. He was stunt coordinator for Scanners (1980, also appearing as a programmer), Splash, and Superman (1978, for the New York film unit), while other stuntman credits include Goodfellas (1990). Stevens was also a frequent cover model for Zane Grey's Western Magazine, posing for various rugged cowboys (often, though not always, in action situations).

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