DEBUT 1996

Alexander the Great (356-323 BC) was king of Macedonia and one of the most successful and legendary commanders in military history. Alexander's most notable achievement was conquering the Persian empire. He served as an inspiration and ideal for many later leaders, including Julius Caesar.

In the 1996 Creature Shop TV movie Gulliver's Travels, Alexander is one of several historical figures conjured by The Sorceror, using Gulliver's blood. The Sorceror questions Alexander about his death (a matter still of historical debate), and the general, with a British accent of course, insists that he died of a fever brought on by excessive drinking, and immediately asks where the alcoholic spirits are stored.


  • In his book Before You Leap, Kermit the Frog talks about his ancestors including Alexander the Toad, who "conquered the unknown world while that other Alexander was busy conquering the far smaller-and much easier to find-known world.
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