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PERFORMER John Tartaglia
DEBUT 2002

Alfred Duck was a recurring background character on Sesame Street from seasons 33 through 35. The duck had existed as a utility puppet for many years before, but gained a consistent identity during this time. He occasionally appeared as a foil for Big Bird and was a regular patient of Gina's veterinarian practice.

Although Alfred wasn't usually addressed by name in dialogue or scripts, his name appears in Episode 4021 and John Tartaglia's performer presskit bio. In Tartaglia's absence from Sesame Street, the puppet reverted to utility status and has been played by David Rudman and Tyler Bunch, among others.

The puppet has been recycled as many one-shot characters as well, including Duck Ellington (Episode 2874), Duffy (Episode 3095), Duck Clark (Episode 4089), Mallard Capone (Birdwalk Empire) and Mr. Quackmore (The Furchester Hotel episode Furchester TV).