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DEBUT 1969

Alice Braithwaite Goodyshoes was a little girl who appeared in a variety of animated segments during the first season of Sesame Street. Described by the show's producers as "an arrogant, sanctimonious know-it-all," she frequently opened her segments by announcing, "This is Alice Braithwaite Goodyshoes, the smartest girl in the whole world!"[1] The segments were produced by Ken Snyder.[2] Some segments also featured a monster with polka dots.

She appeared on one of the posters that was included in The Sesame Street Learning Kit, and three of her segments were included in The Sesame Street Book of Puzzlers. In print materials and merchandise, Alice's middle name has been variously spelled as "Braithwaith" and "Braitewaith." A few documents from the CTW archives refer to her as "Baby Alice", as does Susan in Episode 0091.


Picture Theme / First Appearance Description
Episode 0001
Alice shows the viewers what through means by pouring a bucket of paint into a vertical pipe, but it goes through when she puts her head under the tube rather than instantly.
Wet and Dry
Episode 0005
Alice is standing next to a bathtub full of water. She is dry. A monster comes by and dumps the water on her, causing her to be wet, and then kisses her. "Bleah!" she says.
This short was occasionally followed by an Ernie and Bert sketch in which the pair react to the segment and Ernie himself receives a kiss from a monster.
Under, Around, and Over
Episode 0076
Alice uses a brick wall to demonstrate around, under (by digging under it), and over (by jumping over it, and landing in the gaping mouth of a monster).
Far and Near
Episode 0079
Alice is far away, while a monster is near. She gets closer to the monster and accidentally steps on his foot, then ends up in his jaw.
Empty and Full
Episode 0148
Alice uses two water buckets to show empty and full. She inadvertently empties some water on a monster, who dumps the bucket on her head.
Forward and Backward
Episode 0157
Alice uses a wind-up doll to show forward and backward.
Letter G
Episode 0279
Alice displays a G, for "good." She gets kissed by a monster, who says, "Gee, that was good!"
Short and Long
Episode 0289
Alice and a monster use hot dogs to demonstrate "long" and "short."