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PERFORMER various (see below)
DEBUT 1999

The Alien Gonzos are members of the alien species that Gonzo belongs to in Muppets from Space. Although their physical characteristics are similar to Gonzo's, each of his alien brethren looks unique. Their temperaments, however, are every bit as weird as Gonzo's. Their leader is Ubergonzo.

The Alien Gonzos come to Earth to bring Gonzo back to their home planet. When their spaceship lands at Cape Doom, they perform the song "Celebration" and ask Gonzo to do a dangerous stunt as a rite of passage. Although Gonzo passes their test, he ultimately decides not to go with them. The Alien Gonzos don't leave empty-handed, though; after K. Edgar Singer's "comical" attempt to destroy them, they make him their ambassador to Earth.


Among the performers of the Alien Gonzos was Bill Barretta, who performed the lead-singing alien in the song "Celebration". Other performers include Jerry Nelson (as the Ubergonzo), Steve Whitmire, Brian Henson, Alice Dinnean, and John Kennedy.