Written by John Kongos
Date 1985

"All Around the World" is a Fraggle Rock song performed by Uncle Traveling Matt. The song deals with his travels, and features supporting vocals by Gobo Fraggle, Wembley Fraggle, and Red Fraggle, and a female chorus. Portions of it were included in Down at Fraggle Rock.

A music video of the song was produced, and was included in the extras on the Fraggle Rock: Complete Second Season DVDs, as well as uploaded onto the Jim Henson Company's official YouTube channel.

The instrumental version, used in the UK postcard segments, was adopted as the theme for the Traveling Matt segments in the North American version, beginning in the third season.

"All Around the World" was released as a 45 RPM single in the UK only. The single featured the song, with an instrumental version of the song on the B-side. The lyrics were included on the picture sleeve.

The instrumental version was used in the UK Travelling Matt segments, and it was also used in the US show towards the end of the series' run. However, that version is a different one from the version heard on this single, and it was identical to the version usually featured as the last track on international Fraggle Rock albums.

The record's front cover has Traveling Matt on it, and the back of the single features a postcard addressed to Gobo Fraggle at "The Lighthouse." It reads: "Dear Nephew Gobo, Today I heard the most amazing thing. A flat, plastic wheel that plays music. Strange? It sounds like me! Love, your Uncle Travelling Matt." There was also a picture disc version of the single, otherwise identical to the regular release.

The song features vocals by Matt, Gobo, Red and Wembley. A shortened version (with lyrics) was played in the "Down at Fraggle Rock" documentary—the only time the version with lyrics was released outside of the album.

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