Hapless Fuzz on All That

All That is a sketch comedy series which aired on Nickelodeon from 1994 until 2000, and again (with a new cast) from 2002 until 2005. It featured a repertory company of teen and child actors and regularly spotlighted musical guests. A reboot of the show premiered on Nickelodeon on June 15, 2019.

Minor Mentions

  • In the pilot episode, a frog rapper (played by Kenan Thompson) is asked if Kermit is his father.
  • In another episode, in a "Good Burger" sketch, recurring character Ed falls in love with a co-worker. The co-worker asks a customer "Isn't he cute?" and the customer says "Yeah, he should be a Muppet!"
  • A recurring segment, "Leroy and Fuzz," spoofed children's television as angry child Leroy was paired with (and perennially tortured) the cheerful, Muppet-like Fuzz who encouraged bathing and sharing.


  • Tatyana Ali guest-starred on the December 19, 1998 episode
  • The Backstreet Boys guest-starred on the January 7, 1998 and April 23, 1999 episodes
  • Erykah Badu guest-starred on the October 25, 1997 episode
  • Tyra Banks guest-starred on the December 14, 1996 episode
  • Ally Brooke guest-starred on the July 13, 2019 episode
  • Kobe Bryant guest-starred on the March 21, 1998 episode
  • Kevin Carlson puppeteered Fuzz
  • Coolio guest starred in the February 18, 1995 and January 20, 1996 episodes
  • Darci Lynne Farmer guest-starred on the November 2, 2019 and July 18, 2020 episodes
  • Buddy Hackett guest-starred on the September 28, 2002 episode
  • Melissa Joan Hart guest-starred on the January 26, 2002 episode
  • Tony Hawk guest-starred on the February 23, 2002 episode
  • Sherman Hemsley guest-starred on the January 25, 1997 and September 27, 1997 episodes
  • H.E.R. guest-starred on the September 28, 2019 episode
  • The Jonas Brothers guest-starred on the June 15, 2019 and November 2, 2019 episode
  • Christy Knowings, cast member (1997-2000)
  • LL Cool J guest-starred on the November 16, 1996 and February 21, 1998 episodes
  • Sinbad guest-starred in the pilot, the January 20, 1996 episode, and played Mr. Wheat in the spin-off movie Good Burger
  • Usher guest-starred on the March 18, 1995 and January 26, 2002 episodes
  • Malcolm-Jamal Warner guest-starred on the January 28, 1995 and October 28, 1995 episode
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