Alphaboy is the name of a live-action segment on Sesame Street written by Adam Rudman which ran during Season 26.

In Episode 3769, Big Bird pretends he's "Alpha-Bird" and goes on Alphaboy-style adventures.

In a Episode 3942, Alphaboy appears as Big Bird's guest on "The Letter B Show."


Picture Letter / First Appearance Description
B: Bicycle
Episode 3401
Alphaboy balances baloney on a blue bicycle, while riding on a bumpy sidewalk.
F: Feathers
Episode 3442
Alphaboy fans his father's foot with funky feathers, causing funny laughter.
L: Leaves
Episode 3580
Alphaboy takes a long leap into lots of lovely leaves, becoming lazy.
N: Noodles
Episode 3465
Alphaboy eats noisy noodles with his neighbor Nora.
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