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Alfonso D'Bruzzo I Go To Rio.jpg
DEBUT 1980

Muppets Tonight

Alphonso (a.k.a. Polly Wanna Cracker) in From the Balcony with James Lipton Muppet.

Alphonso D'Abruzzo is a pink, orange, and yellow parrot who has appeared as a background character in several Muppet productions. He made his debut in episode 424 of The Muppet Show but didn't get his name until episode 211 of Muppets Tonight, where he was performed by Steve Whitmire.

As confirmed by Muppets Tonight writer Kirk Thatcher, the character's name derives from the birth name of actor Alan Alda.[1]

The puppet was reused as Polly Wanna Cracker in an episode of From the Balcony. Here, he was performed by Victor Yerrid.



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