Alyson Court as Ruthie

Alyson Court (b. 1973) is a Canadian actress who made her film debut as a child, playing Ruthie in Follow That Bird. She was later heard in the Dog City episode "The Great Dane Curse" as Candice Dane and narrated segments for Canadian Sesame Street[1]

Court has been heard in many animated series, including Beetlejuice (Lydia), The Care Bears, The New Archies (Veronica Lodge), and X-Men (Jubilee), and in the Resident Evil video games as Claire Redfield. On camera, she starred as Loonette the clown on The Big Comfy Couch (alongside the Canadian puppeteers Bob Stutt and Rob Mills) and has had guest roles on My Secret Identity, Road to AVonlea, the 1980s The Twilight Zone revival, and Murdoch Mysteries.


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