Ice and Zap hammer Gonzo.


Billy Crystal thinks he's on American Gladiators.

American Gladiators was a syndicated television program which pitted amateur athletes in a competition against the show's "Gladiators", who were professional athletes.

Taped at Universal Studios until 1991, the show continued to run until 1996. The show was revived in 2008 on NBC, lasting two seasons and hosted by Hulk Hogan, and reruns of the original series currently air on USA and ESPN Classic.

Ice and Zap, members of American Gladiators, appeared on episode 210 of Muppets Tonight, where they hammered Gonzo feet first into a railway tie.


  • The pilot episode of Muppets Tonight featured a spoof on their fake KMUP evening broadcast line-up titled "American Radiators."
  • In episode 103 of Muppets Tonight, Billy Crystal enters dressed in a Gladiator outfit and leads Clifford to believe that he thinks he's on American Gladiators.


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