Amigo Grande was a Norwegian family quiz show, based on a concept developed by Danmarks Radio. Amigo first premired on NRK in 2005, where it was a kids quiz show, in 2012 it was changed to Amigo Grande and included families as contestants.

In episode 9, that aired April 14, 2012. Max Mekker appeared during the quiz, the question was "who don't belong here". Sidra on the blue team was quick to say that Max Mekker did not belong in the group, as she thought the other people had not been in a childrens show. She was right about Max Mekker not belong in the group, however it turned out that the others was the same people she once worked with on the TV show "Midt i smørøyet".

In episode 15, that aired June 2, 2012. The contestants was shown a big group of characters from various NRK children shows, including Max Mekker, Alfa and Bjarne Betjent from Sesam Stasjon. After seeing them for a short while the characters was asked to hide so the contestants could try to see how many they could remember seeing.