Amphibia was a fragrance produced by January Productions and sold exclusively at Bloomingdale's in 1995. The bottle featured a drawing of Kermit, and the words "Pour homme, femme, et frog". The fragrance had a light, citrus scent.

Mary Roach reviewed Amphibia in a tongue-in-cheek article on celebrity fragrances in the Feb. 16, 1996 issue of TV Guide: "I wore Amphibia on my third date... he said he found me riveting which I heard as ribbitting, as in 'ribbit, ribbit,' and I got all defensive... He assured me I didn't smell like a swamp... I stuck my tongue out at him, to which he responded that it was the wrong time of year for flies, and besides, the food would be arriving shortly."

Miss Piggy got her own fragrance, Moi, in 1998.

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