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4225 ape.jpg
DEBUT 2010

An ape dressed as an angel singing about acorns appears on Sesame Street in Episode 4225.

The ape, specifically a gorilla, receives his designation from Big A (Ryan Reynolds) of the "A Team" to provide examples of the long A sound: ape, angel, and acorns. He dresses as an angel in a white, sparkly robe and wears wings and a halo. Playing a harp (the standard instrument of an angel), he sings of his love for acorns ("no ifs, ands, or buts") and opines that those who don't share in this appreciation are nuts.

Although his performance doesn't convince two little pigs to stop playing Rock Paper Scissors behind Oscar's trash can, the ape does stick around to participate in the A Team's final rendition of their theme song (a parody of the main title from The A-Team).

The ape's hands were operated by John Kennedy.[1] The puppet is recycled from four characters who had previously appeared on The Animal Show and Mopatop's Shop: Lenny the Gorilla, Gilda the Gorilla, Mary the Gorilla, and Monty the Gorilla.