André van Duin

André van Duin (b. 1947) is a Dutch comedian, singer and television personality, best known for his sketches and theater shows. Van Duin appeared several times on Sesamstraat, the Dutch co-production of Sesame Street.

Andre van duin sesam

André on Sesamstraat in 2001

Van Duin appears in the Sesamstraat anniversary special broadcast on February 4, 2001. In the episode, he plays hide and seek with Tommie and Ieniemienie, and fools Pino with his coat. At the end of the show, he reads a bedtime story to Tommie, Ieniemienie and Pino about Liselotje, who also played hide and seek.


André on Sesamstraat in 2009

Van Duin appeared in the Sesamstraat Kerstspecial 2009 as well, singing with Pino Mijn Achterkant (My Backside; lyrics by Judith Nieken and music by Henny Vrienten). This music clip also aired in a regular episode on December 18. (YouTube)

From 1970 through the 1990s, he teamed up with De Freggels and Sesamplein voice actor Frans van Dusschoten for several comedy theater shows, Van Duin being the main performer and Van Dusschoten acting as the stooge.

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