Moriarty, left, in "Share it Maybe"

Andrew Moriarty is an associate producer at Sesame Workshop, and Muppet performer and writer on Sesame Street.

Moriarty began as a production intern for Sesame Street during season 40. Since season 41, he has transitioned from production assistant to various roles, currently serving as a writer for the show and web content and a digital producer.

Since season 44, Moriarty has also been an assistant Muppet performer for Sesame Street, right-handing and performing various background characters. He performed on the show's float in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade and the 2016 special Once Upon a Sesame Street Christmas.

Moriarty appeared on-screen in the 2012 music video "Share It Maybe" and a 2018 "Take Your Muppet to Work Day" video. He also played the Anything Muppets in episode 3 of Below the Frame.[1]


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