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PERFORMER Jerry Nelson
DEBUT 1983

Andy is one of the young protagonists of "Captain Vegetable," a bildungsroman presented in the form of a Sesame Street sketch.

At the start of the narrative, young Andy expresses his passion for eating sweets, despite the obvious nutritional deficiencies therein. He delights in giving himself over to gluttony, shouting: "It's such a thrill to eat my fill, to gobble till there's nothing on the plate!" Andy is clearly well on his way to a life of quiet, heavy-set desperation.

The turning point in Andy's life comes when he's visited by Captain Vegetable, a mythical apparition who teaches Andy to practice denial and self-control. Andy promises to follow Captain Vegetable in all things, denying his gluttonous lower self and choosing the path of righteousness.

Remarkably, the very same thing happens to a kid named Eddie.

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