Andy Hayward

Andy Hayward (b. August 17) is a puppeteer who has been performing in projects for Sesame Workshop since 2006. He made his Muppet debut opening and closing Elmo's door in the home video Kids' Favorite Country Songs. Hayward worked at VEE Corporation's Costumes & Creatures Workshop, working on construction and refurbishment for Sesame Street Live, Dragon Tales Live, and Bear in the Big Blue House Live.

Hayward has puppeteered at various Disneyland attractions, including Playhouse Disney Live (as Stanley and others), Ugly Bug Ball (as Barry), and Golden Screams (as the Magic Mirror), as well as in Thom Fountain's educational stage show The Crayon Court. Other puppetry in various video or film shorts include Head of the Household, Igby's Day Off, The Money Mammals, and The Cousins' Club.

He currently plays the title puppet in the Canadian web series Living with Larry.

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