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Elmo and Angela

Angela is a monster who appears in the 2001 Sesame Street book Monsters Are Red, Monsters Are Blue.

Angela befriended Elmo while on a trip to the dentist where they built blocks together in the waiting room. They had so much fun, that they arranged for play dates at each other's homes.

Angela lives in a neighborhood of predominantly blue monsters. Her mother, father, brother Tony, and his friends are all blue, as well as their neighbors. One of their favorite foods is spaghetti, which they are surprised to hear red monsters also like.

When she visits with Elmo, his family is holding a reunion comprised mostly of red monsters. They all assume she would prefer spaghetti, but she informs them that, as a blue monster, she likes the same kinds of foods that red monsters like.

Angela eventually meets Elmo's friends and plays a game of baseball with Prairie Dawn, Telly Monster, Ernie, Bert, and Grover, where she hits a home run.