DEBUT 2010
DESIGN Paul Andrejco

Angelo is a Muppet chef, with a thick Italian accent, who appears in the 2010 web series The Muppets Kitchen with Cat Cora. Like the Swedish Chef, his hands are real human hands as opposed to glove hands. This is likely due to the fact that Angelo handles real food on the show.

Angelo is good friends with the Swedish Chef, and Beauregard once mistook him for the Swedish Chef.

Angelo also appears in Hasty Tasty Cooking Tips, with the same premise as "The Muppets Kitchen", although leaner in episode length and the characters.

Years ago, the Swedish Chef taught Angelo everything that he knew. Angelo joked that instead of listening, he went to night school.

In the picture to the right, Angelo is wearing orange crocs. This is a reference to Chef Mario Batali, who is known to wear orange crocs in public.

Angelo is performed by Tyler Bunch while his hands are done by Paul McGinnis. He has the same name in the 2011 Spanish dub, Cocinando con Los Muppets, but his dub voice actor is unknown. The puppet was designed by Paul Andrejco[1] The character was originally intended to be performed by Bill Barretta.[2]


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