Released: Fall 2004

Articulation: Eyelids, mouth, neck, ball jointed shoulders, biceps, wrists, waist, hips, knees, ankles

Accessories: Mallets, bass drum with logo, bongos, jar of Insta-Grow Pills

From: The Muppet Movie

The Animal Action Figure (sometimes referred to as Animal 2) was produced by Palisades Toys in three color variations, each of which was sold as an exclusive through a different online retailer. In addition to the different color clothes, this version of Animal differed from the one released with the Electric Mayhem Playset in its head sculpt, revised hands without holes, and added articulation at the knees.

The three retailers that carried the Animal action figure were Killer Toys, Collector's Paradise, and Oh My God Cheap New Figures Online ( The colors on the Killer Toys version were black and silver; on Collector's Paradise, blue and gold; and on, maroon and gray. In addition, each company's logo was featured on side of the bass drum.

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