Music by Peter Lurye
Date 2002
Publisher Jim Henson Home Entertainment

The "Animal Jam Theme" is the theme song to Animal Jam. The opening sequence begins with a shadow of Waffle the Cow-Monkey, Edi the Zebra, two kids, a jungle cat, and an elephant walking down the road as the sun rises up and a bird flies by. Inside the dance studio, DJ 3, DJ 1, and DJ 2 get their DJ equipment and lighting sets all ready. Then kids start to dance as Waffle and Edi announce their names and dance along. Then DJ 1 introduce Bozark as the elephant starts to dance with the kids.

Next, the screen displays video footage of animals moving and the kids and the Muppet characters follow the movement that the animals make. The theme ends as the DJs countdown 3-2-1 as they push their buttons on their DJ equipment for the title card to appear.

Am instrumental version of the theme without the vocals is heard over the end credits of the show.